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Democratizing the Web by making software 1000x faster to build and giving people control of their data

Empowering individuals and small teams

You can build software in one day that once took highly-funded companies months to achieve. Learn More

No-stack development

There is no need to know anything about servers, databases, or user interface frameworks. If you have ever written a simple program, you can do this. Learn More

No software silos

There are no silos among data types.  You are free to integrate tasks that currently require a clumsy integration of multiple applications into a single streamlined workflow. Learn More

Privacy is a core feature

People control their data, which is private by default. If Alice writes an app that Bob uses, Alice cannot see Bob's data, and she cannot prevent Bob from using his data with another app. Learn More

Healthy incentives

When software is virtually free to write, many of the incentives to hoard user data, risk privacy, and create software silos disappear. Learn More

Accelerating progress

Almost every aspect of society depends on software. Easier and faster programming will enable many important efforts that have been blocked by the scarcity and expense of programmers. Learn More